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About OIers
Date: 20 Nov 2022 14:40
author: HelloOSMeHelloOSMe
We are OIers! We like coding! We are OIers, we don’t do well in whk(really?)! We love CSP and hate CCF. Fuck you,CCF! CCF: What! Three-year suspension! OIers: No no no! Please not do this!
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So, Can Peter Sell Coconuts&Peaches?
Date: 28 Dec 2022 07:55
author: YiChen_LYCYiChen_LYC
I think my life is boring now. I hate the exercises very much because they're boring and difficult. Sometimes I will sleep when I do these exercises. I can't feel any thing, I only can do some boring...
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Swimming in the pool.
Date: 25 Dec 2022 19:59
author: hatoyama_kumikohatoyama_kumiko
Swimming in the pool. Junior English. Town hospital. Step on squid. Operational semantics. Find the reason. Car music. Orange juice nutrition. Vertical Shadow. Wings friendship. Resident actor....
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